Links to File Later

I am going on vacation for the beginning of the week; I will be reading, but not sure how much I will be blogging.  I will try to post relevant links as they pass by…new stuff is written every day!

  • Connectivism – A New Learning Theory? – a response to Connectivism (from 2006)
  • Into the Future With MOOCs – Kevin Carey writes commentary on MOOCs for the Chronicle for Higher Education.  Just glancing, the most interesting part is a sidebar on the left sharing various commentaries on the MOOC, under the title Will MOOCs Save Higher Education?
  • Stanford Offers 16 Online Courses – thanks to Bryan Alexander.  Happening over three platforms for the Fall 2012 semester.
  • TechCrunch Disrupt is happening this week in San Francisco, streaming live.  Speakers include Sal Khan, Seb Thrun and Joel Klein.  I wonder what other voices will emerge.  Thanks to Audrey Watters.

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