MOOC Platforms

I posted a link on Monday to Stanford’s announcement of 16 online courses for the Fall 2012 Semester.  Stanford does not call these courses MOOCs, but they are free and open to the public. Most interesting to me in the article is mention of the various platforms for the courses:

Stanford is unique among universities in that it is offering its online courses on more than one platform. Each has its own distinct features and capabilities, among them video lectures, discussion forums, peer assessment, problem sets, quizzes and team projects.

The majority of classes will still happen via Coursera, the platform developed by Stanford and used by 16 Universities worldwide.  Two courses will be housed at Class2Go, an open-source platform within the realm, whose website speaks heavily of Khan Academy in its design (and thus its pedagogy?).  A third platform, VentureLab, is also housed at, and sells itself as a collaborative platform for MOOC learning.

What will multiple platform options mean for educational pedagogy?  Is this the move toward turning a profit on MOOCs?

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