The MOOCseum – Initial Report at #OpenEd13

Tomorrow (Friday, 3:30pm in White Horse at The Canyons Resort – Park City, UT) I will present the theoretical and practical elements behind the MOOCseum, a learning model I developed in partial fulfillment of my doctoral coursework at Pepperdine University.  This project is under consideration for a Waves of Innovation grant at Pepperdine, and I have explored the topic with both the Chief Financial Officer at Pepperdine as well as the director of the Weisman Art Center, an art museum on Pepperdine’s Malibu campus receiving patronage from the Weisman Trust.  The development of the learning model is exciting, and so are the trials that have come with putting it into practice at various institutional levels.  I look forward to sharing the results!

As a MOOCseum is designed to both mirror the distance education aspect of a MOOC while providing a real-time, event-based learning experience, I have posted a potential MOOCseum learning experience at my home page,  The Open Education Conference will film the presentation, and I will link to it at that time.  Please join the conversation either in blog comments, Tweets (#MOOCseum), or other potential avenues of social interaction and innovation.

2 thoughts on “The MOOCseum – Initial Report at #OpenEd13

  1. Javier Gamez

    I think that the use of MOOCs is a great technological resource and tool to have for students, teachers and the general public. It indeed levels the play field for all interested stakeholders by allowing equal access and dissemination of information. Even though there are a lot of criticisms about MOOCs such as the so called “disruptive” effect, the benefits far outweigh any such criticisms. Namely, the fact that MOOCs are free and easy to access for anyone with the ability to use the internet is a huge plus. In addition to the open forum access, an interested MOOC usher and or author can get immediate feedback to their blogs and the ability to follow up and add more information to broaden the discussion. What could be better than that? And, did I mention that is open to anyone for free!

    1. Rolin Moe Post author

      If education is about access to content, it is the Internet that is the great democratizer, not the MOOC. The institutional branding of the MOOC comes with much more than altruism.


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